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Game Tester's unique platform allows you to get ultrapractical insights from a massive userbase. Deploy thousands of users into your games whenever you want.

Other than giving forms based feedback tests to users we also provide a very easy API that you can call from within your game if you want to gather more exact data. Want to know how many people reached level 2? Want to know how long it took the average person to beat the first boss?

No problem! Add API calls in your game and we'll record it so you can gather that data later.

Maximize Impact

Instant feedback from a massive user database

Expand your user base

Get feedback from tester within minutes

Fully Responsive

Our platform is compatible with all mobile devices and computers. You can access Game Tester from anywhere any time.

Targeted Campaigns

Set your own criteria. You can select from age, gender, location, etc.

Real Time Statistics

See how users are interacting with your game in real time with statistics form our developer control panel.

User Acquisition

Send new players into your game in tens, hundreds or even thousands.

Actionable Insight

Ask the hard questions and get genuine feedback from quality users.

User Retention

Find out what keeps users in your game and what keeps them away.


Do you know what your users want?
You can have direct feedback on the hard questions.


Are you wasting money on marketing in the wrong region?
Find out where your game is most enjoyed and scale your marketing accordingly.


Wondering what gender, age or region uses your game?
You don't have to guess anymore. You will have actionable information at your finger tips.


Are users having trouble using or understanding your game?
Find out why and improve your game with feedback gathered from quality users.


Do users enjoy your game?
Understand which users in what part of the world likes your game.


Are users sharing your game?
Know exactly why users are sharing your game.