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What is Game Tester?

Game Tester is a platform where developers interact with the community and ask the hard questions to find the hard truths that make or break their games.

Do you think this game is worth $60?
Would you recommend it to your friends?
Do you think we can do a better job at things?

There are thousands of bugs in games that developers overlook and these bugs impact on a gamers enjoyment and likelihood of giving a positive review or referral. Game Tester helps bring the facts to the developers in measurable data that can be acted upon. In return for your feedback, you will be awarded points that you can spend in our shop to obtain gaming gear like top name hardware, peripherals and other game titles as well as a huge selection of vouchers and pre-paid cards.

Game Tester is a platform that
brings gamers and developers together...


David Dobson

David Dobson

Founder & CEO

B. Business (Marketing & Management), Masters Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • - Business Management
  • - Corporate Governance
  • - Growth Management
David has worked in the online gaming industry for the past 8 years. He is the Founder of Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd (Singapore), a real cash economy online game. LinkedIn

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Founder & COO

  • - Chief of Operations
  • - Business Management
  • - Team development
Paul has extensive experience in IT Project management and software design. He has 20 years experience in rapid deployment of infrastructure projects. LinkedIn

Paul Dobson

Janie Finlay

Communications Director

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • - Strategic Communications
  • - Community Engagement
  • - Company Spokesperson
Former Mayor of the City of Launceston, Janie has a passion for exceptional governance, community leadership and community development. LinkedIn

Dr. Christopher Polis

Dr. Christopher Polis

Crypto Management

B.Engineering, Grad. Dip Business Admin, Phd. Flow Dynamics

  • - Economic Management
  • - Multi-Disciplinary Interpretation
  • - Research and Strategic Analysis
Chris has a keen interest in the flow of currency through economic systems. LinkedIn

Dr. Chandra Harrison

Dr. Chandra Harrison

User Experience

BA (Psychology), MSc (Applied Psychology), PGDip (Ergonomics), PhD. Human Computer Interaction

  • - Software and Website Usability and Accessibility
  • - Customer Insight and UX Strategy
  • - Research and Strategic Analysis
Chandra is a user insight specialist with over 15 years of experience. Chandra is developing the strategy to make GTCoin the easiest crypto currency to use in any gaming environment. LinkedIn

Paul Radil

Paul Radil

Business Development

  • - Gaming Industry Liaison
  • - Gaming Hardware Marketing
  • - E Sports
USA based Business Development Manager, Paul has over 15 years experience in the gaming industry working across game development, marketing and testing.

Dylan Cock

Dylan Cock

Business Development

  • - Gamer Community Management
  • - Games Marketing
  • - Industry Liaison
Dylan has worked in the gaming industry for over 12 years and is highly regarded for his expertise in game development and community management. LinkedIn

Daniel van Niekerk

Daniel Van Niekerk

Software Development

  • - Database Design
  • - Front end development
  • - Team Management
Daniel has spent the last 12 years developing database driven applications. He specializes in making web pages interactive using dynamic elements and animations that engage a user.

Mario Guisti

Mario Guisti

Web Development

  • - User Interface Design
  • - HTML5, CSS3
  • - Java Script
Mario is an experienced website developer with expertise in integrating front end websites to back end operational systems. LinkedIn

Adnrea Roos Snyman

Andrea Roos Snyman

HR & Recruitment

  • - Team Management
Andrea has in depth experience of human resourcing. She possesses the social and communicative skills to create common grounds in constructing teams. LinkedIn

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